Loyola High School Names Jamal Adams '90 Principal

Dear Loyola Community,

After a long and highly detailed search, I am very pleased to announce that I have asked Jamal K. Adams ’90 to be the next principal of Loyola High School and he has accepted. The former Director of Loyola’s Department of Equity and Inclusion, he was also a Loyola faculty member and head basketball coach for 16 years. Most recently, Jamal has served as the principal of LaSalle High School during the 2021 to 2023 academic years. After finishing his term at La Salle at the end of this school year, Jamal will assume his new position at Loyola this summer.

Jamal is eminently qualified to take on this position at Loyola – his time at La Salle as principal has both heightened and sharpened his leadership skills. In this new job, his love for his alma mater will allow those leadership skills to flourish as we bring Loyola further into the 21st century as well as prepare for the future to come. He is a great and good man, and I am very excited to have him as my new colleague in this work.

I would like to publicly thank Mr. Frank Kozakowski for his 15 years of leadership as Loyola’s principal. Simply put, Frank has made the school better on all levels. His sensitivity and dedication to our students and their formational needs is unparalleled. Furthermore, in his leadership, he has given a model of compassion, skill and love that has been a blessing to us all.

Frank has also become for me a very important and close friend. I will continue to rely on his wisdom and grace in all things as we move into this next stage of Loyola’s development.

I would also like to thank Dr. Ann Holmquist who chaired our search. Her hard work and great dedication to her task were outstanding and brought us to the moment where my choice was difficult because the candidates were highly qualified. She assembled a great team and soldiered on to this conclusion. I am deeply grateful to her for her long and loving work.

With that I would also like to thank Kerry Katz in HR who spread the net for our candidates and handled the processing of all the candidates, both interior and exterior. Her work was excellent and vital to this process.

Finally, I would like to thank the committee of faculty, staff and board members who worked so arduously over the last six months to make this happen. They gave themselves wholly to this process. Their patience with the process, as well as their attention to both the whole picture and the tiny details, are what brought us to this amazing and visionary outcome. They were the ones who gave me the final candidates from which to choose, and I am equally grateful to them for their hard and dedicated work for Loyola.

This is an important moment for Loyola and Jamal is the right choice to lead the school at this time in our history. I look forward to working with him to continue the growth for Loyola that is the hallmark–and the blessing–of this institution.

In Christ,

Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73