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Community Service

Welcome to the Center for Service & Justice

Welcome Letter from the Director

Mission Statement: To form transformative, dynamic, contemplative young people through service and advocacy experiences across diverse mediums in order to help foster compassion and a spirit of generosity so as to view the world with open hearts and a critical conscious––challenging them to become people for and with others seeking a faith that does justice. 

Center for Service and Justice

A dominant theme of his pontificate, Pope Francis uses the term “encounter” repeatedly as a means to invite [urge] us to go out to the peripheries, especially to the poor and the marginalized, and encounter other persons. Cultivating a culture of encounter on our campus space is central for our students’ formation and awareness of those lives whose stories often reside on the margins of life’s histories. Informed by our Universal Apostolic Preferences, we have reflected on the ways we can continue to keep our young people connected to a faith that does justice while experiencing this ever-evolving reality that is our pandemic.

Below you will find the service and justice requirements for each grade-level (with exception of the senior program).

Freshman Year: The Neighborhood Project: Loving as a Form of Community Engagement (Grad at Grad Standard: Open to Growth & Loving)

Sophomore Year: The Cupboard Project: Food Insecurity and Homelessness (Grad at Grad Standard: Committed to Justice & Religious)

Junior Year: The Year of Discernment: Choosing Among Different Pathways Towards Service and Justice (Grad at Grad Standard: Intellectually Distinguished)

In addition to the core grade-level requirements, students may participate to go above and beyond. The links below outline contactless service and justice opportunities and our local, domestic and international immersion programs––Caminos (these have been suspended due to COVID-19).

As a result of encounters and the ways people change in the contexts of deep relationships and profound encounters, we are challenged––once awakened; to educate (self/others) to JUDGE and research issues using interdisciplinary approaches.

“Nunc”: means the literal present or “now.” In a time of rapid exchanges in expressions and thoughts; in a time of “cancel culture” and 140 character rants; in a time when encounters must be distant to save lives; in a time when racial inequities are as blatant as the Jim Crow laws of the early to mid 20th century, we are called to provide a forum for our students that challenges those institutions and structures in a reflective, cogent and passionate manner. Nunc is a shared space to discern how our words and actions matter. Now is the time to make sure we are sending our students forth to process ideals that will heal a world so in need of the kind of leadership our Jesuit educators manifest.

This section provides the resources for our young people to explore the cultivation of moral imagination––to imagine what could be and to begin the process towards ACTING. Below are links to our annual justice summit, the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice and some of our community partners in advocacy.

Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

Legacy LA

Pico Network

Faith in Action

LA Voice

Voices of Justice

Jesuits West CORE Toolkit

– Introduction to Arrupe Leadership Team | September 2020
Video Message to Class of 2024 | August 2020

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