Sunday Mass Live Stream


Dear Loyola Community,

Little did we imagine, when Loyola High School President Fr. Gregory M. Goethals, SJ ’73 teamed up with the John Malloy Broadcast Club to livestream Sunday Mass from Clougherty Chapel on March 22nd, that days would turn to weeks and then months of “shelter-at-home” precautions.

Sixteen weeks later, we will close out the livestream season this weekend as church buildings reopen for Sunday worship. Please join Fr. Goethals at Noon this Sunday, July 5, for the last livestreamed Mass from Clougherty Chapel of summer 2020.

We are immeasurably grateful to all the people who have made the weekly celebrations possible. In addition to Fr. Goethals, we thank especially the priests of the Loyola Jesuit Community, Fr. Stephen Barber, SJ, Fr. Chris Cartwright, SJ, Fr. Jerry Hudson, SJ and Fr. George Teodoro, SJ who presided on Sundays. To the other members of the Loyola Jesuit Community* who accompanied them in liturgical ministry or assembly, to Loyola Campus Ministry Director Matt Schaeffer for the gift of music, thank you. To Andrew Uy and his son Mateo, for their steadfast service to us, livestreaming and taping the weekly Masses, abundant gratitude. Loyola Cubs, family, friends and alumni, here at home, across the country and abroad have been blessed by their generosity – AMDG.

You may access the Noon telecast by clicking here. Mass will also be simulcast on Facebook.

*The Loyola Jesuit Community is comprised of Jesuit priests who work at Verbum Dei High School, the Archdiocesan House of Prayer for Priests and Loyola High School of Los Angeles.