Synchronous Classes (Canvas)

Loyola held synchronous and asynchronous online classes via ZOOM as a pilot program during the 2022-23 academic year. The feedback collected from surveys distributed to faculty, students and parents was largely positive with data that suggests that synchronous and asynchronous days should be included in future academic years (data).

SYNCHRONOUSFor this fall semester on September 21-22, 2023 teachers will follow the published daily bell schedule and post a link on Canvas by 8:00 a.m. on the morning that their class(es) meet. Students will follow the link where classes will be conducted virtually via ZOOM. Attendance will be taken and all Distance Learning Protocols will be enforced (see student handbook).

The rationale for synchronous & asynchronous days:

  • College Prep – Many universities have moved toward a more hybrid (in-person/online) way of instruction which will surely remain in post-pandemic higher education.
  • Preparation for Campus Disturbances – By having planned online days students know the procedure, protocols, and expectations of online learning. If Loyola needed to abruptly switch from campus to online instruction because of civil unrest, Covid surge, wildfires, earthquake, etc. then we will be prepared to do so. Luckily, our 2021-22 synchronous days prepared us for a smooth administration of unplanned synchronous days later in the year due to a Covid outbreak.
  • Creative Pedagogy & Differentiated Learning – Throughout the pandemic, Loyola instructors developed online lesson plans that were engaging and dynamic. Many of these lessons could only be delivered online because it requires students to explore their home, community and/or neighborhood. Faculty have been encouraged to think “outside of the box” and develop lessons that stimulate personal worth and individuality through self-reflection and exhibition.
  • Change of Pace – A respite from daily commutes and on-campus routines.
  • Faculty & Student off-campus Involvement – Synchronous and/or asynchronous school days are strategically scheduled to coincide with student events, faculty professional development opportunities and retreats that would otherwise have many students and faculty away from campus.