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Chemistry (Honors)

Department: Science
Teachers: Fawzia Qazi, Edward Hairston
Open to: Sophomores
Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisite: high achievement in math and recommendation of science department A good understanding of chemistry is essential in our modern, technology-driven society. As the “central science,” chemistry relates to all other fields of science and engineering. This course is fast- paced, rigorous introduction to the study of matter and how it behaves. Topics include atomic theory, inorganic nomenclature, chemical reactions and stoichiometry, quantum mechanics, chemical bonding, gases, phases, thermodynamics, kinetics and catalysis, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and a brief introduction to organic molecules and their structure. The course includes lecture-based instruction, demonstrations, and group activities; concurrent laboratory experiments are designed to reinforce the concepts discussed in class. Another key goal of the course is the development of sophisticated critical thinking and problem-solving skills, accompanied by training in how to think scientifically and correlate experimental results with reality. Note: this class is mathematically intensive, and students who do not have an excellent grasp of algebra will encounter significant difficulties.

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