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Department Philosophy

The English Department strives to develop life-long learners and leaders by facilitating the communication and critical thinking skills that remain essential in the 21st century, by cultivating an appreciation of literature as a means to relate the human condition, by building critical thinkers, readers, and writers, and by nurturing Ignatian values, especially in guiding students to be men of thought and action.

Graduation Requirements (8 semesters)

Students are required to complete eight consecutive semesters of English. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are enrolled in year-long English courses covering specific literature, grammar and composition, research, vocabulary and speaking skills. Sophomores, juniors and seniors who meet critical reading and writing requirements are encouraged to enroll in Honors or Advanced Placement after freshman year. Seniors enroll in one-semester electives unless they meet requirements for A.P.

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English Department

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