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Modern and Classical Languages

Graduation Requirements (6 semesters)

Students are required to complete six consecutive semesters of the same language. Most students will take level I freshman year, level II sophomore year and Level III junior year, leaving the senior year for an optional level IV language, or the possibility of trying a new language. Some students opt not to take a fourth year of language. Students who qualify for level II as freshmen must still abide by the 6 semester requirement taking them to level IV by junior year (e.g. Latin II, Latin III, AP Latin IV) or the possibility of a different language after completing the third level of the original (e.g. Latin II – Honors Latin III – French I). Students who decide to switch languages after freshman year will still have to complete six consecutive semesters of the same language until the end of senior year. (e.g. Spanish I – French I – French II – French III)

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Modern and Classical Languages Department

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