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Department Philosophy

Guided and motivated by the principles of our Catholic-Jesuit tradition, the Theology Department at Loyola High School is committed to providing a religious education with the following goals:


To provide our students, through a serious reflection on various biblical and theological sources, with a basic knowledge and understanding of the various elements of the Catholic-Jesuit tradition as a means for creating experiences where our students can have an authentic encounter with the living God.  In the process of striving for this goal, members of our diverse student body will also be more powerfully enabled to systematically examine and develop their own personal religious beliefs and practices.


To demonstrate to our students, through a continued reflection on relevant biblical and theological sources, the personal responsibility they are called to assume for critically appropriating the religious understandings they have developed in a way that leads to morally committed social action, so as to become persons with a faith that seeks justice.  Such a desired outcome will mean our students will hopefully become religious leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion in our world.  The Theology Department commits to relying upon the relevant and appropriate assistance of the Community Service and Campus Ministry Departments in helping more effectively insure its goal of religious transformation.


Loyola High School, as a Catholic Jesuit institution, is ultimately dedicated to the unique revelation of God in Jesus Christ presented to us visibly in the Catholic Church.  The Theology Department, by facilitating authentic religious formation and transformation, will equip its students to better understand and respond to the loving redemptive example of Jesus Christ, a Spirit empowered development which will more powerfully unite our students with the Catholic Church’s universal mission of salvation which God truly desires for all.

Graduation Requirements (8 semesters)

Students are required to complete eight semesters of theology to graduate.  The sequence accomplishing this requirement is as follows: Freshmen year: Theology I – one year covering Intro to Theology, Jesuit/Ignatian Spirituality and Pedagogy, Intro to Catholic Liturgy, and Hebrew Scripture. Sophomore year: Theology II – one year covering Personal Decision-Making, New Testament, and Catholic Social Teaching. Junior Year: Theology III – one semester of Faith of Catholics and one semester of Moral Theology, Senior year – two semesters of a Senior Theology Elective (various class options are offered to meet this final requirement).

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Theology Department

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