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Health and Physical Education

Department Philosophy

The Health and Physical Education Department provides our Loyola students the opportunity to develop their physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. These courses are an integral part of our educational program and provide another education discipline in which students can become fully educated. The education of the whole person is directly related to the Ignatian vision that holds that the education of the whole person is essential for the spiritual, mental, physical, social and emotional development of the student. This department supports the school philosophy that believes that each of our students is capable of making intelligent and informed decisions regarding their present and future well-being.

Graduation Requirements (2 semesters)

Students are required to complete two semesters of health and physical education. Most students will be enrolled in Health (1 semester) and Physical Education (1 semester) thereby completing Loyola’s requirements during freshman year. Other Health/PE options include Lifetime Fitness, Aquatic Skills and Weight Training which can be taken during the junior and senior years.

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Health/Physical Education Department

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