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Geometry (Honors)

Department: Mathematics
Teachers: Emily Villa de Rey, Susan Torales, Zachary Sandoval, Judy Dell'Amico
Open to: Freshmen
Length: 2 Semesters

This is a one-year course. Students at this level are expected to be self-motivated, independent learners. In comparison to the college-preparatory level Geometry class, this honors course goes into greater depth and moves at a faster pace. This course covers geometric terms and processes, logic, and problem solving. Various forms of proof are studied. Emphasis is placed upon reasoning and problem solving skills gained through study of the following major topics: angle relationships, congruent and similar triangles, geometric inequalities, parallel lines and their applications to quadrilaterals, areas of a polygon and circular regions, arcs and angle measures related to circles, surface area and volume of solids, and coordinate geometry. Trigonometry will be introduced as it applies to geometry. Algebraic skills (particularly work with ratios, simplification of and operations with radicals) are applied.

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