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Summer: Algebra for Advanced Placement

Department: Mathematics
Open to: 9th grade
Period: 1, 2, or 3
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $495

This is a five-week course for incoming Loyola High School freshmen who have been invited to take the course to help them supplement their previous work in Algebra 1 in order that they may retest and may pass the Mathematics Department Algebra 1 Diagnostic/Placement Exam. The topics covered during the class will be individualized according to the needs of the students enrolled. A diagnostic test will be given on the first day of class and used in conjunction with the previously taken placement exam to determine these topics. Students will be given a Mathematics Department Diagnostic/Placement Exam at the end of the course, and those who pass the exam will be scheduled for Geometry/Honors Geometry in August.

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