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AP 3-D: Art and Design

The AP 3-D course is designed to instruct students in multiple ways of creating functional and sculptural works of art. Students will develop knowledge through research based assignments and assignments designed to help each student develop a personal voice. The development of creativity, skill, personal expression, and problem solving, and self-motivation will be emphasized. Craftsmanship, design and, skill will be addressed with each assignment. Assignments will be assessed through critique.

Students taking AP 3-D must have taken a full year of visual art classes and have a recommendation from their previous instructor. They must also apply to the class by submitting sculptural work to the current instructor. Additionally, students must exhibit the ability to work independently, create work that reflects skill, and show that they are capable of taking creative initiative with assignments.

Students accepted and enrolled in the class will meet with the instructor to discuss requirements and receive summer assignments at the end of the year before entering AP 3-D. Students in AP 3-D must be committed to doing considerably more work than the average art class. The class will have the rigor of a college level course. By the end of the year each student will have completed 15 works that are representative of sustained intense investigation and a shared theme as well as 5 selected works that represent the breadth of their skill in Sculptural media. These works will be submitted to the College Board for assessment.

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