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AP French 4

Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Open to: Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

French IV A.P. is an intensive course whose goal is proficiency on the third year college level in writing, speaking, listening, and reading comprehension. In order to advance to this level, the student will have maintained at least a B average in the first three levels and have received the recommendation of the foreign language department. Course work will be comprised of a complete review of all grammar, weekly writing assignments on subjects which range from the mundane to the profound, reading of articles, literary excerpts, practice in oral expression in highly structured situations, as well as practice in relaxed social discourse. Class size is small to facilitate maximum participation. Students are expected to use French at all times. All students must take the A. P. Exam in May. These students are also encouraged to take the SAT II exam in French.

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