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AP Human Geography

Department: Social Sciences
Teachers: Christopher Perkins '07
Open to: Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

AP Human Geography is a yearlong course open to Loyola seniors. This class focuses on how the world’s populations interact with, utilize, and impact the earth’s resources, physical space, and diverse peoples. Topics include population growth, economic development, urbanization, resource allocation, land use, and geopolitics, and will build upon the related content learned in the freshman Human Geography course. Students also become well-versed in the vocabulary, methods, and tools geographers use in their science and practice. This senior course is an optional college-level course for students looking to challenge themselves in the senior year. In preparation for future courses at the college level, students are expected to develop an in depth understanding of the globe and its regions, an ability to interpret and apply maps and other spatial data, and critical thinking skills related to the economic, political, and cultural phenomena around the world. This course also strongly emphasizes college-level critical thinking skills focusing on independent analysis and writing. Much of the coursework will be centered on applying content knowledge and skills through a variety of independent and small group application activities and real-life scenarios.

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