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AP Spanish Language 3

Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Teachers: Jose Sustaita
Open to: Juniors
Length: 2 Semesters

This course is recommended for students who have completed four semesters of Honors Spanish with at least a B+ average. Since the great majority of the students selected have been in the Spanish Honors Program, only a quick review of grammar is needed in the first quarter. The emphasis of this course is fourfold. First, the students are trained to comprehend formal and informal spoken Spanish. Second, they work on the acquisition of vocabulary and a grasp of structure to allow the easy, accurate reading of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as of modern Hispanic literature. Third, the students are trained in the ability to write expository passages and fourth, throughout the entire course, the students practice their ability to express ideas orally with accuracy and fluency. Admission to this restricted class is by permission of the Chairperson of the Department. All students must take the A.P. examination in May.

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