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AP Studio Art

Department: Fine & Performing Arts
Teachers: Cristina Saggese
Open to: Juniors, Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

Over the course of this year-long class, students with advanced skill in drawing, painting, or photography will build a portfolio of twenty-four exceptional works to be submitted to the AP board of review. Students diligently work in the media that best shows their creative spirit and artistic sentiments. Fast paced and intense, this class readies students for the rigors of a college level art studio environment. Students must have taken a year-long course in at least one visual art discipline, and be recommended to the class by their teacher. Students are expected to develop two portfolios over a two-semester time frame, one focusing on a specific area of concentration, and a second portfolio called breadth, which includes a variety of images. By the end of the course, students should have at least twelve images for each portfolio, including five “quality” pieces that will be sent to the AP College Board for grading. Students will upload their 24 total images to the AP College Board website, and write their own commentary for the entire body of work.

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