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Department: Fine & Performing Arts
Teachers: Michael Celenza
Open to: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

This course emphasizes the art of musical ensemble performance. Students will learn to play an instrument in one of three band sections: brass, woodwinds or percussion. Many genres of concert band music will be explored. Attention to both historical and contemporary dynamics such as pitch, rhythm, and intonation will frame a student’s skill-building and ensemble technique. Students also perform as soloists and will develop their individual artistry through an emphasis on accuracy, expression, and articulation through the study of music theory and ear training. The first semester explores the fundamentals of reading music such as clef, key signature, time signature, and three-voice harmony. The second semester explores more complex chord structures, modulations, transposing, and composition. In both semesters, students will learn to listen more effectively, make historical connections, and evaluate instrumentation, period, and style.

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