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AP Chemistry

Department: Science
Teachers: Fawzia Qazi
Open to: Juniors, Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

Prerequisites: successful completion of a year of chemistry, high achievement in math and recommendation of science department.

As a second-year course, AP Chemistry is designed for students who seek a deeper understanding of the structure of matter and how this correlates to its behavior. All of the major topics discussed in Honors Chemistry are revisited in more detail, with an emphasis on the theory behind the general results presented in the first–year chemistry course. This course is the equivalent of a one–year college–level introductory chemistry course and is structured around the six big ideas and seven science practices articulated in the AP Chemistry curriculum framework provided by the College Board.

Laboratory experiments (a total of sixteen during the year) are designed to complement the material covered in lecture. The laboratory work allows students to work in groups to think analytically about problems, identify experimental questions, and design experiments to answer those questions. Students will engage in hands-on laboratory investigation to learn chemical concepts through direct experience and observations.

The first semester begins with a review of nomenclature, stoichiometry and reactions in aqueous solutions with an emphasis on particulate-level understanding of the reactions. Topics covered include the gas phase, kinetics, a comprehensive study of chemical equilibrium followed by thermodynamics. Second semester coursework includes electrochemistry, atomic structure, quantum mechanics, molecular structure, chemical bonding, condensed phases, intermolecular forces and nuclear chemistry. Throughout the year students will prepare to take the Chemistry AP Exam, American Chemical Society (ACS) Exam and the Chemistry Subject test.

This is a restricted course and enrollment is by application and the consent of the instructor. The prerequisites for this course are Chemistry (semester grades of A or better) or Honors Chemistry (semester grades of B+ or better). Students should also have taken, or have concurrent enrollment, in Algebra 2.

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