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English 3

Teachers: Christine Moore, Tom Marsh, Michael Mason
Open to: Juniors
Length: 2 Semesters

With an early focus on preparation for the PSAT, students continue their study and application of grammar (specifically verb usage, parallel structure, effective coordination/subordination of ideas), and effective essay writing. Writing assignments demonstrate literary analysis as well as synthesis of multiple sources according to correct MLA documentation. Students practice not only strategies for timed writings but also steps to the writing process. Vocabulary study continues with a text different from that used in English 1 and English 2. A survey of British literature includes the earliest English epic Beowulf readings from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as well as samplings from the works of Donne, Milton, Blake, Eliot, Yeats, and others at the teacher’s discretion.

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