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French 2

Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Open to: Sophomores
Length: 2 Semesters

French II continues with the text D’ accord 2 , its accompanying materials and on-line resources to teach the speaking, understanding, reading, and writing skills that were introduced in French I. Lisons Comme Ça provides students with short texts and stories with comprehension questions to help them gain mastery of the syntax of French and increase their vocabulary as well as their knowledge of French history and culture. Stress is placed on oral communication, vocabulary is enriched, and the students start to write paragraphs and short essays. The students are involved in a variety of classroom activities such as conducting informal interviews, working in pairs or small groups to promote proficiency. The grammar is more complex and includes the past tenses. Audio recordings, videos, and films are an integral part of the program. Cultural content will concentrate on France, a general review of geography, Paris and its major monuments, major cities, provinces, and departments, and other French speaking countries around the world.

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