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French 3 (Honors)

Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Open to: Juniors
Length: 2 Semesters

Honors French III continues with the text D’ accord 3. Tableaux Culturels de la France provides students with longer texts and stories with comprehension and composition questions to help them gain mastery of the syntax of French and increase their vocabulary as well as their knowledge of French history and culture. The emphasis of the third year course in on continuing to build vocabulary, speaking and writing proficiency, oral comprehension, and written composition. This is a course accelerated in pace and more comprehensive in content for those students who have excelled in French II. Students are expected to write longer composition and use higher critical thinking skills in their work. The cultural component will continue to expand the student’s knowledge of France through current events and a study of the historical and technological contributions of the various provinces. This is a full year course. Successful completion of this course will provide the basis for recommendation to French IV A.P.

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