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Lifetime Fitness

Department: Health and Physical Education
Teachers: Erik Healy
Open to: Juniors, Seniors
Length: 1 Semester

This course is designed for juniors and seniors and covers topics in lifetime fitness and wellness providing a well-rounded exposure to healthy activities that prepare the student for a lifetime of good health choices. Students participate in weekly units designed to provide experiences in the physiological and psychological participation of physical activity. This course is divided into two parts: two days lecture and two days of physical activity each week. Topics include: Introduction to Fitness and Wellness; Health Benefits of Physical Activity; Preparing for Physical Activity; How much is enough and setting realistic goals; Cardiovascular Fitness; Flexibility; Muscle Fitness; Body Composition; Exercise Risks and Injury Prevention; Developing a plan for the future; Hydration and Health Foods; Nutrition; Managing Stress and Relaxing through movement; Recognizing Quackery; and, P.E.D.S. and the future.

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