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Mandarin 4

Department: Modern and Classical Languages
Teachers: Michael Mikita
Open to: Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

The Mandarin 4 course is designed to prepare students for advanced continued study of the language at the collegiate level, and is open to students who have successfully completed Mandarin 2 and 3. The course and all discussions, lectures, written exercises, and presentations will be conducted exclusively in Chinese. In addition to the course textbook, students will be encouraged to engage with realia from the Chinese-speaking world, as they are introduced to literature, newspapers, and other Mandarin language media. Beyond the regular study of grammar and vocabulary, students will work on projects and hands-on activities providing opportunities to employ the language in real-world situations. Students will also be introduced to works of modern and classical Chinese writers and will become better acquainted with history and culture. As the majority of students in Mandarin 4are seniors, a capstone project will conclude their Loyola Mandarin experience and help segue to continuing with the language in college.

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