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Physics 9

Department: Science
Teachers: Gerry Cacnio '86, Andrew Uy, Lee Jackson
Open to: Freshmen
Length: 2 Semesters

Physics 9 is an introductory, year-long laboratory course in which students study kinematics, dynamics, energy, momentum, waves and optics, and electricity. Physics is the study of the fundamental laws of nature and the search to understand the interactions between matter and energy. This course will examine concepts of mechanics; kinematics (motion) and dynamics (force); the laws of conservation of energy and linear momentum; waves; electricity; light; through an inquiry-based curriculum, facilitation of the teacher, projects, cooperative learning, the use of demonstrations, computer simulations, laboratory activities and lectures. The course content is aligned to the fundamental principles of Algebra I. Laboratory work, in conjunction with the appropriate mathematical reasoning, is an important component used to aid the students’ understanding of the physical world.

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