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Teachers: Douglas Brown
Open to: Seniors
Length: 1 Semester

This course examines the literary impact the Harlem Renaissance had on the American Literary tableau. Using the poetic terminology of “New Criticism” and a variety of non-fiction articles written by the major personalities from the Harlem Renaissance and beyond, students will learn to uncover the technical skills of the writers and writing through image, action, and risk. To this end, students will read numerous selections from the philosophies the Harlem Renaissance advocated in an effort to pin point what has been instilled in the African American tradition since. Through expository essays and presentations, as well as creative expressions, the class will compare these works to two African American literary movements: the Black Arts Movement and The Dark Room Collective. One memoir and six full poetry collections will be used to help provide a variety of examples from each movement, but will also serve as a source of literary prowess that gave raise to all American literature. These works stand as exemplars of American culture, but move beyond ethnicity, era, and even gender.

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