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Pre Calculus

Department: Mathematics
Teachers: Fr. Jerry Hudson, SJ, Paul Pascale '78, Trevor Mutch '98
Open to: Sophomores, Juniors
Length: 2 Semesters

This year-long course is for students who have successfully completed a full year of Algebra 2. Topics include: Trigonometric functions as ratios of sides of right triangles and as related to circular and simple harmonic motion; applications; methods for graphing; trigonometric identities, equations and formulas; inverse trigonometric functions; Law of Sines and of Cosines; trigonometric form of complex numbers and DeMoivre’s Theorem, exponential and logarithmic functions, including the natural logarithm; determinants and Cramer’s Rule; Binomial Theorem; sequences, including arithmetic and geometric; combinations, permutations and probability. A programmable graphing calculator is required.

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