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Science and Religion

Department: Theology
Teachers: Scott Johnson
Open to: Seniors
Length: 1 Semester

This elective serves as survey of the dynamic relationship between science and religion.  Areas considered in this interdisciplinary course include the history of science, the philosophy and methodology of science and the compelling and exciting religious implications of the different sciences. This examination of the relationship between science and religion will be presented within the context of the Judeo-Catholic/Christian tradition, which adheres to the notion that having to finally choose between science and religion is a false dilemma. Rather, the conclusions reached by science in studying nature, and by religion in reflecting on the message of Revelation in the Sacred Scriptures, according to their respective appropriate limits, at the very least, must never conflict, and the very most, can coincide in ways which contribute to a meaningful account of God, man, and the cosmos.  Students will be shown compelling ways in which science and religion can be integrated while maintaining an ever-expanding religious faith.

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