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Senior Magis

Teachers: Mike Barnhill
Open to: Seniors
Length: 2 Semesters

Mandatory for all seniors.

The Senior Magis period includes many different activities including counseling meetings, college applications, college and life preparation skills, as well as service projects and guest speakers. Due to the living, growing, building nature of this program, more activities may be added or subtracted accordingly. The term “Magis” refers to what more we can do “for the greater glory of God.” Our hope throughout the year is to assist all senior students, in a fun environment, to find what God’s purpose for them is and what more they can do for the greater glory of God. Each semester serves slightly different purposes. The first semester consists of activities including, but not limited to, counseling visits, college applications, SAT/ACT retakes, etc. Students are also able to utilize the free periods with no activities as study periods to alleviate their busy schedules. The second semester, upon return from their senior service projects in January, consists of more hands on, life skills type activities including finance studies, resume building skills, interview skills, CPR training, rape prevention, current event studies, health and nutrition plans, cooking techniques and more.

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