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Summer: Soccer

Department: Health and Physical Education

Department: Athletic
Open to: 6th-8th grades
Period: 1 or 2
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $495

The soccer class is taught by coaches from the Loyola soccer program.  The coaches focus on developing the players’ skills, no matter what level the players currently are.  Along with developing and improving skills of the game, the class will work on the tactical part of the game by playing games and by doing different fun activities to simulate game situations.  This class is designed for players of any skill level from top club players to beginners.  Players will be able to take what they have learned in the class and continue to work on their skills even after the class has completed.  If you want to learn about the game and improve your skills in a fun-filled environment, this class is for you.  Each student will need to provide his/her own shoes and shin guards.

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