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Summer: Advanced Combo Class: Weight Training and Conditioning and Advanced Loyola Leadership

Department: Athletic
Open to: 9th-12th grades – Loyola Students Only
Period: 3
Length: 5 weeks—Weight Training meets on M, W, and F & Leadership Lab meets on T and Th
Tuition: $595

*This course is if you are interested in taking BOTH classes: Weight Training and Conditioning and Advanced Loyola Leadership Lab: Discover and Strengthen the Leader Within

Weight Training
This very successful program is open to Loyola students only and should be considered a MUST for all incoming freshmen, ESPECIALLY those who intend to participate in sports.  The class will cover all facets of athletic performance training and will help students foster the physical and mental discipline necessary to excel both as a student and a student-athlete at Loyola. Students will use Loyola’s Pernecky Weight Room facility.

Advanced Loyola Leadership Lab
The Advanced Leadership Lab revisits and expands the leadership concepts and skills introduced in Leadership Lab with a special emphasis on presentation skills, meeting management and facilitation graphics, and situational role-playing. Class participants will be making a variety of presentations with and without technology, facilitating discussions with their peers, and working through a number of simulated leadership situations to experiment with a variety of leadership techniques and methods.  Prerequisite: All class participants must have taken Leadership Lab during Summer 2017.
This course is open only to Loyola High School students.

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