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Summer: Advanced Loyola Leadership Lab: Discover and Strengthen the Leader Within

Department: General Interest
Open to: 9th-12th grades – Loyola Students Only
Period: 3
Length: 5 weeks– Classes begin on June 19th and meets on Tuesday and Thursday only.
Tuition: $195

The Advanced Leadership Lab revisits and expands the leadership concepts and skills introduced in Leadership Lab with a special emphasis on presentation skills, meeting management and facilitation graphics, and situational role-playing. Class participants will be making a variety of presentations with and without technology, facilitating discussions with their peers, and working through a number of simulated leadership situations to experiment with a variety of leadership techniques and methods.  Prerequisite: All class participants must have taken Leadership Lab during Summer 2017.

This course is open only to Loyola High School students.

** If you are interested in taking the Advanced Loyola Leadership Lab with the Weight Training and Conditioning, see the ADVANCED COMBO class in the Athletic Courses section.

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