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Summer: Golf Fundamentals

Department: Health and Physical Education

Department: Athletic
Open to: 6th-8th grades
Period: 1 or 2
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $495

Golf Fundamentals focuses on the golf swing, including an emphasis on grip, alignment, ball position, and posture (GAPP). Other areas of attention include chipping and putting basics, as well as an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the history of golf and rules of golf as governed by the USGA. The class will meet on Dewey Field where fundamentals will be taught; then, students will put their knowledge into practice by hitting and chipping into nets, putting on portable greens, and using swing training aids to build core strength and muscle memory. Although a general understanding of golf is preferred, the class is open to players of any ability. Each period is limited to 16 participants in order to maximize one-on-one instructional time. Each student will need to provide his/her own clubs.

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