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Summer: Introduction to Ancient Civilizations

In this course, students will analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of Ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Rome. Students will be able to answer the following essential questions:

What conditions are necessary for a civilization to begin to develop? What economic and geographic factors led to the rise of each ancient civilization? Why was religion so important to their way of life? What is the relationship between the government and the social structures within each civilization and how did each affect daily life in the civilization? How did each ancient civilization influence modern day life?

As a culminating project, students will design a new theme park, called Wonderful Worlds of the Past. The park will have four communities based on the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt. As experts on the ancient civilizations, students will design rides and select foods, costumes, and souvenirs to make each community a special place.

6th-8th Grades

Periods 1 or 2

Tuition is $480.00.

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