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Summer: Jazz & Blues Band

Department: Performing Arts
Open to: 6th-12th grades
Period: 4
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $495

This course is for student musicians who are interested in learning about and performing jazz and blues music. Students are expected to have basic (at least 1 year) proficiency on their respective instrument and the ability to read music is highly favorable.  Students’ skills will be assessed at the beginning of class to make sure they are able to participate and learn. Students will be required to play as an ensemble and to take solos and improvise. We provide all the backline equipment (piano, drums, amps, pa system/microphones). Guitarists and wind players are expected to bring their own instruments, patch cords, reeds, etc., and drummers should bring their own sticks and brushes. Topics include basic jazz and blues musical concepts, improvisation, various jazz styles, rehearsal and performance etiquette, and some jazz and blues history. The students will also rehearse music from repertoire selected by the instructor. Students are expected to perform in the concert at the end of the summer session.

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