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Summer: Pre-AP Chemistry (For the Advanced Placement Chemistry Course)

Department: Science
Open to: 9th-12th grades
Period: 1
Length: 5 weeks
Tuition: $540

This course is designed to prepare a student for the rigorous critical thinking and investigative skills needed for success in a yearlong Advanced Placement Chemistry course. Students will explore the important themes (Big Ideas) of the AP Chemistry curriculum and related learning objectives: structure of matter (Big Idea 1), properties of matter including characteristics, states, and forces of attraction (Big Idea 2), chemical reactions (Big Idea 3), rates of chemical reactions (Big Idea 4), thermodynamics (Big Idea 5), and equilibrium (Big Idea 6). The class will focus on building a strong conceptual understanding of fundamental concepts and problem-solving skills. In addition, students will work to develop laboratory investigation skills based on the seven science practices as addressed in the AP Chemistry curricular framework. This course will fulfill the AP Chemistry summer homework and exam requirement (to be completed by students who will take AP Chemistry at Loyola High School in the fall). The grade earned in this class will replace the grade for the Chemistry AP summer homework packet and exam.

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