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Theology 1

Department: Theology
Teachers: Jerry Frumento '79, John Ahearn '07, Jesse Rodriguez, Tika Lee, James Crofut
Open to: Freshmen
Length: 2 Semesters

Theology 1 welcomes students into the Loyola High School community and is designed to ignite a desire to grow in relationship with God, self and others. The purpose of the course is to introduce the Loyola freshman to Catholic Theology, Ignatian history and spirituality, and the theological/ministerial experience at Loyola High School before turning to a thorough study and reflection upon the Hebrew Scriptures and Judaic roots of Christianity. The course culminates in an investigation of the socio-political and religious milieu to which Jesus enters, thereby setting the stage for the study of the Christian Scriptures, the person of Jesus and early Church beginnings in the sophomore year. This foundational course begins to equip students with academic skills, concepts and language necessary to engage in Theology and Ministry throughout their four years of high school and beyond.

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