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Theology 2

Department: Theology
Teachers: Michael Shawver, Jesse Rodriguez, Thomas Portman, Thomas Cendejas
Open to: Sophomores
Length: 2 Semesters

Theology 2 is a required course for all students in 10th grade at Loyola High School. The second year of Theological Study continues the exploration of the person of Jesus and the emergence of the Early Christian Community begun in 9th grade, by turning to exegesis, critical analysis and reflection upon the New (Christian) Testament. Examining the life of Christ and the call to discipleship affords students an opportunity to uncover the implications of the Gospel for a moral life. The art of Ignatian discernment for moral decision-making in daily life is introduced and applied to a variety of the moral dilemmas young people face in this time. The course then turns from personal morality to the implications of the Gospel for building the Kingdom of God through the tenets of Catholic Social Teaching and the Jesuit/Ignatian emphasis on a Faith that does Justice, while forming men for and with others.

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