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Theology 3

Department: Theology
Teachers: John Ahearn '07, James Crofut, Derek Brown, Scott Johnson, Michael Shawver
Open to: Juniors
Length: 2 Semesters

Catholic Systematic Theology aims to study the Church’s beliefs and practices as a coherent whole. Theology 3 provides a historically contextualized exploration of the following core questions: Who is God and how do we come to know Him? How do we grow in relationship with God? In light of our relationship with God, how do we grow in relationships with self and with others? Applying the discipline of systematic Theology, the course is organized into four sections: 1) The Bible an Church History, which serves as an introduction, providing a brief historical context for the remaining topics; 2) Catholic beliefs and practices – and how we know what we believe regarding God, Jesus Christ and the Church; 3) Worship and Spiritual Theology – This section addresses what Catholics believe we can do to grow in our relationship with ourselves and with God; 4) Moral Theology – This section considers what Catholics believe concerning how can we best relate to others in light of a developing relationship with God.

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