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Weight Training

Teachers: Andre Woodert
Open to: Juniors, Seniors
Length: 1 Semester

This course is designed for juniors and seniors and covers the wide range of aspects associated with weight training and designing effective training protocols and programs. The course is divided into two units: four weeks of lecture and hands on learning; and twelve weeks of program implementation, culminating with a paper presenting their results. During the first unit, students will learn how to program by goal, how to design effective workouts, how to research information regarding various aspects of training, how to periodize training over time, how to effectively integrate nutrition into programming, basic lifting techniques, basic recovery and rehab/pre-hab modalities, and how to create and implement a test battery. In the second unit, they will create a program based on their goal(s), create baseline tests, train, track progress and adjust their programs, re-test, then write a paper presenting their findings regarding the effectiveness of their training at eliciting their desired body response.

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