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Welcome to the Loyola High School Student Health webpage. Most information and questions about Loyola’s Student Health program can be located in this section. However should you have any problems feel free to contact me, Tim Moscicki at and I will be able to help you.

All student health notices are handled through the Student Health Office which works directly with the Dean of Men. Please note: school attendance must be reported to the Attendance Office as explained in the Parent/Student Handbook.

The Student Health Office was developed to:

  • Keep all students’ health information centralized in one location.
    The Director of Student Health will assist in communication between students, parents, administrators, teachers, counselors and coaches in matters pertaining to a student’s physical health.
  • The Director of Student Health will notify administrators, teachers, counselors and coaches as needed when a student needs academic adjustments due to injury or illness.

Over the past few years Loyola has recognized the need to restructure the student health program in order to provide the most up to date and groundbreaking care for students. Some of the changes at Loyola in regards to student health include:

  • Mandatory yearly physicals for all students. Detailed information can be found under the “Physicals” section
  • Mandatory concussion baselines for all students. Detailed information can be found under the “Concussions” section
  • Immunization verification. Detailed information can be found under the “Immunization” section
  • Other Topics that you might have questions about can be found below by clicking the links:

Why does my son need a physical if he is not playing a sport?
Loyola developed a school policy several years ago that ALL students receive an annual physical. This was due in part because of the numerous events and classes that could involve physical activity. A Loyola’s student’s health is one of our highest concerns.

Do I need to have my son’s physical performed at Loyola?
NO, you can have a physical completed anywhere as long as it is done by licensed medical provider and has the office stamp of the MD that provided the service.

Why does my son need a concussion baseline even though he is not playing a sport?
Concussions can happen at any time. From car accidents, skateboarding, PE classes etc. Loyola wants to ensure that all students have the same opportunity to recover from a concussion academically as well as physically. Loyola has a Return to Learn policy in place that allows all students to return to the classroom in manner that benefits not just athletes.

What is the purpose of a concussion baseline?
Concussion baselines are an objective tools that are used in the medical profession to help evaluate if a student is improving from a concussion.

Do concussion baselines have to be completed at Loyola?
YES, all baselines need to be completed through Loyola High School. There is no additional charge for this service.

My son is not eligible for a physical until his birthday or during the school year due to insurance regulations. What can I do?
There are several options.
• Call your primary care doctor, schedule appointment and pay cash.
• Go to a CVS Minute Clinic or an Urgent Care and have a physical performed there.
• For future physicals schedule them during the summer months so that they will be completed before the beginning of each school year.

Do I need to use the Loyola Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Form?
We would prefer that you use the Loyola PPE Form.

Student Health

Tim Moscicki
Director of Student Health

Joe Cardenas
Assistant Athletic Trainer