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Adrianna Medina
Assistant Athletic Trainer x3114

Alan Kumamoto ’58
Member, Alumni Association

Alejandra Chavez
Administrative Assistant, Student Activities x1519

Alexy Coughlin
Vice President of Advancement x1307

Ana De Castro
Intercambio Immersion Coordinator x3084

Andre Woodert
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator x3094

Andy Camacho '58
Board of Directors

Angela Moran
Community Service, Program Coordinator x1801

Angela Reno
Director of Admissions x1200

Angelica Young
Accounts Payable/Student Accounts Supervisor x1320

Ann Holmquist
Vice President for Mission x1511

April Hannah
Director, Academic Information Resources x1711

Barbara Jamison
Administrative Assistant, Principal x1207

Bill Slocum
Sr. Director of Advancement x1312

Bill Thomason
Assistant to the President for Special Projects x1315

Bob Stephan
Director for Ignatian Formation and Adult Spirituality x1520

Brad Legant
Director of Substitutions x1725

Brandie Barraza
Administrative Assistant, Advancement/Events x1305

Bren Wells
Information Systems Administrator x1402

Brendan McCracken '84
Member, Alumni Association

C. Drew Planting '77
Board of Directors

Cara Esposito
Board of Directors

Cedric Ebiner
Department Chair, French, Latin x3019

Cheryl Truong
Theology; Campus Ministry x3118

Cheryl Truong
Campus Ministry

Chris Walter '93
Director of Student Activities x1515

Christopher Ramirez '82
Vice President, Communications

Cindy Cassutt
Administrative Assistant, Athletics x1517

Cindy Torroba
Administrative Coordinator for Mission and Adult Spirituality x1521

CJ Ramirez '82
President, Alumni Association

Craig Martin '79
Member, Alumni Association

Dan Medina ’75
Board of Directors

Daniel Annarelli
Director of Faculty & Global Education; Social Science x1210

Darrell Stewart ’78
Board of Directors

David DeVito ’80
Board of Directors

David Roberts
Department Chair, Fine Arts x3060

Derek Brown
Department Chair, Theology x3009

Diane Arias
Administrative Assistant, Admissions x1202

Dr. Jonathan Veitch ’77
Board of Directors

Elizabeth Warner
President, Loyola Mothers' Guild

Ellen K. Laughlin
Board of Directors

Fadi Bayaa
Systems & Network Administrator x1720

Fawzia Qazi
Department Chair, Science x3058

Fernando Hernandez
Department Chair, Health/P.E. x3030

Fr. Chris Cartwright, SJ
Superior of the Loyola Jesuit Community

Fr. Jack Dennis, SJ
Board of Directors

Fr. Mario Prietto, SJ '62
Board of Directors

Fr. Ted Gabrielli, SJ
Board of Directors

Gloria Guerrero
Database Coordinator, Advancement x1309

Greg Phelps
President, Fathers' Club

Ivan Ramirez, ’92
Member, Alumni Association

Jacqueline Landry
Board of Directors

Jamal Adams '90
Director of Faculty; Social Science x1615

James Hannon ’80
Board of Directors

James Zucker '91
Department Chair, Social Science x3078

Jane Hawley
President, Mothers’ Guild

Jason Cruz '12
Communications and Digital Media x1329

Jenavi Hernandez
Administrative Assistant, Main Office x1220

Jeremy Baker '96
Member, Alumni Association

Jesse Rodriguez
Director of Center for Service & Justice x2914

Jim Rich
Chief Financial Officer x1317

Jim Scilacci
Board of Directors

Jimmy Borell
Apparel and Equipment Coordinator x3119

Joe Cardenas
Assistant Athletic Trainer x3105

John Girardi ’65
Board of Directors

John Calvert '85
Vice President, Spirituality

John Calvert '80
Member, Alumni Association

Kathleen Duncan
Board of Directors

Katie Harding
Administrative Assistant, Advancement x1310

Ken Chan
Network & Systems Administrator x1721

Kerry Katz
Director of Human Resources x1713

Kevin Bender '91
Board of Directors

Lisa Abarta
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director x1304

Maite Berry
Sr. Director of Communications x1313

Maria Salinas
Board of Directors

Matthew Baham
Assistant Director of Admissions x3005

Melinda Wiggins
Executive Assistant to the President x1301

Michael Boehle '84
Director of Business Operations, Financial Aid x1318

Michael McCracken '86
Board of Directors

Michael McDermott
Sr. Director of Facilities Management x1902

Michael O’Brien ’83
Board of Directors

Michelle Maravich
Board of Directors

Mike Gottlieb '78
Vice President, Alumni Chapters

Mike Porterfield '73
Vice President, Faculty Liaison

Mollie Baumer
Board of Directors

Pat Salvaty
Administrative Assistant x1514

Pat Salvaty
Administrative Assistant x1807

Patrick MacFarlane '06
President, African American Alumni Society

Pattie Randazzo
Administrative Liaison to the Board of Directors x1302

Patty McKenna
Secretary, Board of Directors

Paul Jordan '88
Assistant Principal for Student Life x1513

Rachel Brown
Administrative Assistant x1715

Renata Simril
Board of Directors

Reon Roski
Board of Directors

Rick Pedroarias '84
Learning Difference Coordinator x1209

Richard Rede '89
President, Latino Alumni Society

Rick Caruso
Chairman, Board of Directors

Ritchie Tuazon '96
Board of Directors

Robb Gorr
Assistant Principal for Academics x1216

Robert Foster
Board of Directors

Russell Silvers '98
Board of Directors

Steve Arellano '79
Vice President, Class Leaders

Stewart Hayes
Lead for Information Resources x1727

Susan Torales
Department Chair, Mathematics x3048

Terence Stephenson
Director of Information Technology x1724

Thomas Wong '05
President, Asian Pacific Alumni Society

Thomas Zeko
Community Service Director x1800

Thomas Zeko
Director of Community Service, Emeritus x1800

Tim Moscicki
Head Athletic Trainer; Director of Student Health x1617

Tim Moscicki
Director of Student Health x1617

Tom Von Der Ahe, Jr.
Board of Directors

Ty Carter
Vice President, Alumni Societies

Ty Carter '80
Member, Alumni Association

Tyler Lancaster '10
Archivist; Information Resources Clerk x1728

Vic Harewood '73
President, Alumni Association

William Smith
President, Loyola Fathers' Club

Tom Peck '85
Director of Event Operations x1314

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